Seeing Power: Participatory Media Cultures

Experiment #3
EDUC 837: Seeing Power: Participatory Media Cultures
January – April, 2017

Lab Director: Tara Mahoney
Lab Supervisor: Dr. Stuart Poyntz

Post-secondary Partner: Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University
Community Partner: International Centre of Art for Social Change (ICASC)

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This is a graduate seminar examining the relationships between contemporary media cultures, aesthetics and politics. Our focus is on the emergence of participatory media cultures since 2000 and the development of a ‘participatory condition’ across cultures that intersect with art, community, economic, and political life. Our primary interest will be to understand how contemporary participatory media cultures is impacting relationships of aesthetics and politics in community art practice. See course syllabus

Creative Publics Lab assisted in the development of projects that explore the concept of utopia. Through a series of workshops, student develop project proposals for speculative micro-utopias – imaginary public spaces and interactions that gesture toward a desired future. Students will be encouraged to critically reflect on the current socio-political issues that concern them, chose a theme to focus on and imagine solutions that are unrestrained by time, money, and expertise. Then, with support from the instructors and local practitioners, students will engage in a process ‘pragmatic utopianism’ – figuring out how they might make their dream projects into reality.

The lab culminated a public exhibit where the visual rendering of students projects will be on display in the lobby of SFU Harbour Centre.

poster @ sfu

Poster FINALRe Human FinalYouandmeboth-PosterV5.1WSC_POSTER_FINALSmith_Revealed_poster_finalEDUC 837 CPL Poster