Participatory Youth Media Cultures Course

Experiment #2
Participatory Youth Media Cultures Course (Communication 427)
September – December 2016

Lab Director: Tara Mahoney
Course Director: Dr. Stuart Poyntz

Post-secondary partner: School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
Community Partner: Apathy is Boring

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Communications 427: Participatory Youth Media Cultures is an advanced lecture/seminar examining the development of contemporary youth media cultures.  The course examines  questions of class, gender, race, and geography in the global north and south; and address how youth have responded to, and have been agents of social change in a period when young people’s experiences of labour, learning, and community are being recast by new and profound conditions of mediation, surveillance, participation, and commodification. See course syllabus.

As part of the course, Creative Publics Lab is partnering with national community engagement organization Apathy is Boring to facilitate the production of civic media projects that document how young people are working together towards progress on local political and social issues. Student projects will contribute to the 150 Years Young a signature initiative of the Canada 150 celebrations, which aims to showcase the diverse, conventional and unconventional ways young people are building more resilient communities across Canada.

Read the press release for 150 Years Young project.


Student Project stages:

  • Student teams choose a local issues to work on – for instance,  the sharing economy, pipelines, affordable housing and gentrification, migrant justice, food security, mental health, etc.and then work with local organizers to promote and develop a record of participatory youth politics linked to their chosen issue.
  • Teams will go through a design thinking process to determine how they want to visually explore their issue and attend workshops (during class time) with local media practitioners to develop digital storytelling and transmedia outreach skills.
  • The final team projects  will be constructed, posted and shared on the Tumblr social media platform, disseminated through broadcast/social media networks and showcased through outdoor city projections in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal in May 2017 as part of the national campaign.






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